Made in Minnesota
From Concept to Completion, Your Single Source for Rugged Custom Cases
From concept to completion, your single source for rugged custom cases
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Made in Minnesota

Quality Policy Statement

Gemstar's tradition of employee involvement and participation will be emphasized as a critical factor in reaching a peak performance goal by which all persons contribute to, implement, and improve the Quality Management System.

In addition, it is also our goal at Gemstar to retain a customer-oriented focus at all stages of production, from the initial contact with a potential customer until the moment that the product leaves our facility. We are committed to consistently fulfilling the requirements and expectations of our customers. This focus is a central factor in our commitment to Quality.

Quality Objectives

Gemstar’s employees work to attain overall high standards of quality throughout all processes within the organization. Our specific Quality objectives are:

  • To create a working, practical Quality Management System based on ISO 9001:2008 and the philosophy of continuous improvement.
  • To maintain returns at a level of 1% or less of overall shipments.
  • To maintain an overall minimum on-time delivery rate of 93%.

Company Profile

Gemstar’s parent company, Gemini, was incorporated in 1964 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, specializing in the manufacture of vacuum-formed plastic products. In 1978 all company operations were moved to Cannon Falls, Minnesota, where Gemstar is located today and where Gemini maintains its corporate headquarters.

The first thermoformed carrying cases were produced in 1972, and later high density polyethylene cases were added for the transportation and containment of delicate components and precision instruments. Rotational molding was added in 1986. These processes were also used to manufacture custom plastic components, such as tanks and instrument and machine enclosures. In 2003, the Gemstar injection-molded case line was introduced and is continuing to be developed and expanded.

In 2003, Gemstar Manufacturing became a separate division of Gemini to focus on our goals of growing our company, products, and product applications. Today, Gemstar offers three case lines as well as custom plastic products, utilizing the processes of rotational molding, thermoforming, pressure forming, and injection molding.