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Electronics and Communications Case

Fire Resistant Torque Multiplier Case

Custom Case Need: Gemstar had the opportunity to design and build a highly customized, sturdy case which was fire resistant, airtight and waterproof. Beyond these key protective attributes, the case also required specific functionality in a densely-packaged small case including the integration of exterior IP connectors, storage space and the overall ability to protect sensitive on-board calibration devices in the most demanding environments, all while allowing for access to calibrate the tool.
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Design Tips for Large Plastic Long Life Reusable Containers

Overview The standard size of a reusable plastic case would seem to preclude its use to package large, heavy items. However, just because a part is big and bulky doesn’t mean that it cannot utilize a custom, airtight, reusable plastic case. Large industrial, aerospace, military, and automotive components in particular can benefit from this type…
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Design FAQ: Enhancing Hard Cases Through Visual Design

Q: When should I start thinking about visual design for my hard case? A: Most designers start with basic functionality like case size, part protection, wheels or no wheels, and so forth, which are the most critical and need to be addressed adequately. However, the visual components of a case can serve critical aesthetic and…
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Design FAQ: Understanding the Value of Protective Packaging Standards for Hard Cases

Q: Why do I need to know about industry packaging standards and testing procedures when purchasing or designing my reusable cases? A: Industry standards are guidelines set by various packaging experts and engineers who considered how reusable packages are handled and damaged, and how to design and test to make sure that the cases are…
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Integrated Electronic Housing Case

Custom Case Need:  A lightweight and tough case to house an electronic logging device system, designed by eSquared Communications, for use in commercial motor vehicles. The system needed to be integrated with the case so that a tablet could be mounted to the lid for easy viewing from a driver seat and stay connected, through the case, to a charging and vehicle communications wiring system. After use, the tablet and cords needed to easily be stored in the same case.
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Design FAQ: Designing Case Interiors for Superior Usability

Q: When do I begin the process of designing a case interior for my transportable equipment? A: For faster and more efficient market launches and better budgetary planning, we recommend you start designing your case early in the product design cycle to ensure a properly configured package. This is particularly necessary for highly sensitive and…
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Powerful Visual Design: 3 Key Enhancements

When designing a hard sided case solution, most designers start with basic functionality – case size, protecting the parts, wheels or no wheels, and so forth. It makes sense to start here, as these functional parameters are most critical and need to be addressed adequately. However, there is an additional aspect of your packaging solution…
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A Case to Protect Against the Elements.

Calibrated Testing Equipment Housing
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Deployable Diagnostic Case for Remote Medical Services.

AMD Global Telemedicine Portable TeleClinicTM
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Foam Cushioning: What You Need to Know for Packaging Optimal Design.

The main goal of any packaging solution is to protect the contents. When using a hard plastic case, part of the packaging equation is covered. A plastic case manufactured to industry standards, such as ATA 300 for durability or IP for water and dust protection, can be trusted to protect against the environment and repeated…
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6 Critical Errors to Avoid in Reusable Packaging Design.

Designing a reusable, durable packaging solution for your product or service is much more than picking a type of package and a size. There are many things to consider about how your product will be used, where it will be used, and who will be using it.
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Navigating Protection Packaging Standards.

There are multiple design and testing standards to address the design and validation testing of a hard sided case. Having a base understanding of these standards will aid in the design of any reusable packaging project, as well as establishing validation testing needed to prove out performance after the package is deployed.
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A Case to Save a Life.

Mobilize Rapid Response Case Kit
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