Versatile single-walled cases for any profession

VersaPro® - custom blue, cross-link foam insert, hook and look straps, custom polished buckle latches




VersaPro is the most customizable case on the market. If you have specific requirements for size, color, labeling, interior layout and much more, this is the case style for you.

This is the ONLY case style that allows you to choose the case split, or simply, the depth of the lid and the depth of the bottom. From a standard minimum to producible maximum, VersaPro is the most customizable case on the market.


Molded-in padlock brackets

Automatic pressure relief valve.

Patented easy-to-use, finger-friendly latches.

EPDM gasket for airtight, waterproof containment.

Custom foam.

Ergonomic handle.

Case Sizes

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