Versatile single-walled cases for any profession

VersaPro® - custom blue, cross-link foam insert, hook and look straps, custom polished buckle latches


VersaPro is the most customizable case on the market. If you have specific requirements for size, color, labeling, interior layout and much more, this is the case style for you.

This is the ONLY case style that allows you to choose the case split, or simply, the depth of the lid and the depth of the bottom. From a standard minimum to producible maximum, VersaPro is the most customizable case on the market.



From sensitive electronics to rugged tool kits, we design and manufacture foam interiors and have unlimited custom molded case options to the exact specifications needed for complete protection of your equipment. Contact us with your application needs, and we’ll work with you to create the perfect solution.

Boundless Customization

Inside and out.

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Case Studies

There was one slight, desperate chance, and that I decided I must take—it was for Dejah Thoris, and no man has lived who would not risk a thousand deaths for such as she. Clinging to the wall with my feet and one hand, I unloosened one of the long leather straps of my trappings at the end of which dangled a great hook by which air sailors are hung to the sides and bottoms of their craft for various purposes of repair, and by means of which landing parties are lowered to the ground from the battleships.

Case Sizes

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