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Engineering-based solutions provider with over 50 years of manufacturing and design experience

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Gemstar® Custom Hard Cases is an engineering-based solutions provider with over 50 years of manufacturing experience and protective packaging knowledge. We are a family-owned business supported internally by long-term employees, and we have a firm history rooted in custom, made-to-order-manufacturing and the dedication of a customer-centric organization.

Mission Statement

To provide “purpose built, designed from the inside out” custom industrial cases that are durable, engineered solutions. Utilizing the processes of injection molding, rotational molding, thermoforming, cold-form bending, and secondary fabrication, our products are produced to the highest standards of quality and are made in the USA by Gemstar people.


  • Convenience for our Technical Partners and customers to help them be successful.
  • Highest quality manufacturing of products.
  • Continuing investment to support new products and better service for our customers.
  • Doing what is right for our customers, people, communities, and the environment.
  • Develop leaders and engage our workforce with a culture of respect.
  • Fostering an atmosphere that encourages continuing improvement.
  • 1964


    Our founder, Jim Weinel, a NASA lamination materials engineer, purchased two vacuum formers and leased a small manufacturing space in St. Louis Park, MN. The first products manufactured were custom parts components for signs, packaging, and consumer and industrial products.

  • 1968


    An electrical fire ravaged our plant, destroying equipment, raw materials, and finished products. This would have been the end, but Jim and his team started rebuilding, determined to reestablish and expand.

  • 1972-2-copy


    The first official case line, Karry Kases, debuted, branded as thermoformed cases for industry. Company sales hit $1,000,000 for the first time, and, soon after, company headquarters and manufacturing moved to Cannon Falls, MN. Along with the relocation was a move to significantly vertically integrate to reduce reliance on external suppliers and increase our ability to supply custom manufacturing solutions for our growing customer base.

  • 1986


    The Karry Kase line was originally a standard line of products. This line of, later branded as VersaProTM , also provided a good platform to accommodation customization for specific customers. Over time, more and more customers sought a custom solution, and custom cases soon outsold the standard cases. In order to provide a more rugged and robust case platform to meet additional custom needs, rotational molding was added to our manufacturing capabilities. This new double-walled product platform was later branded as our StrongholdTM line.

  • 1997-copy


    As custom case sales grew, Gemstar invested in injection molding equipment. This additional manufacturing capability led to the creation a new line of light-weight, airtight cases, which became our SentinelTM line.

  • Stronghold® - Drop Test


    To this point, the majority of our product performance validation was outsourced to local test labs. With more and more custom solutions going through the shop, there was an increased request from customers for us to assist in formal product testing. In support of our continued effort to vertically integrate our capabilities and to increase speed-to-market for not only our expanding lines of cases but also for our customer-specific case designs, we developed our own in-house test lab. Our equipment allows us to test to a wide variety of industry standards for materials and reusable packaging performance.

Guaranteed for Life.

Gemstar® Custom Hard Cases offers the highest quality and lifetime guarantee. No matter the environment or application, we stand behind all of our case products. Gemstar is able to offer this warranty because we work with premium materials, use the best process for your application, and help you through design to manufacture to assure the best overall solution

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Gemstar® Custom Hard Cases is an industry leader in the industrial plastic cases market. We proudly offer a competitive salary structure with a wide array of benefits including medical and dental insurance, paid vacation, and more.

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