Protective hard cases designed for critical support.

Deployable Medical Cases

Gemstar has experience designing medical cases for applications ranging from AEDs to telemedicine to first responder care.

For medical cases, the ease of use can be just as important as protection of the case contents. Our design approach focuses on the user, allowing us to determine the best layout for situations where quick access to equipment can mean life or death. In addition, we understand product fragility and can design the right shock-absorbing system to protect your equipment and hold up to repeated abuse.

Custom Medical Case

Custom Case Need: A custom case to house a transportable telemedicine system for remote medical situations and mobile clinics. The case needed to seamlessly integrate with the electronics and medical diagnostic equipment it housed and protected.

Medical Use Case

Testing and Certifications

Our cases are capable of passing military and industrial standards for long life reusable containers (LLRC), including:

  • MIL-STD-3010 Test Procedures for Packaging Materials and Containers
  • FED-STD-101 Test Procedure for Packaging Material ATA Specification 300, Category I
  • ASTM D4169
  • IP67 – IEC Standard 60529
  • MIL-STD 810
  • ASTM D999 – Vibration
  • ASTM D6179
  • ASTM D5276
  • STANAG 4280/AEPP-3 Standard Packaging Test Procedures ISTA Test Procedure 1A

We have in-house testing equipment, which we use to continually verify our cases and certify custom designs.

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