• INTERIOR:23.512.112.5 "
  • EXTERIOR:27.015.417.2 "

Gemstar’s RoboRack™ half-rack cases are the newest addition to the Stronghold® line of products manufactured with precision Robomold® technology and using GSR high-performance resin to ensure the highest level of protection for the most sensitive electronic components. Available in 5U and 7U sizes with configurable options. Dimensions below should be considered L x W x H.

Roborack Video
Dimensions Interior (L x W x D) 23.5 x 12.1 x 12.5" 597 x 307 x 318 mm
Exterior (L x W x D) 27.0 x 15.4 x 17.2" 686 x 391 x 437 mm
Measurments Lid Depth 1.75" 44 mm
Base Depth 3.75" 95 mm
Approx. Weight   34.5 lbs 15.6 kg(s)
MSRP   $2015