Gemstar Manufacturing is an engineering-based solutions provider with over 55 years of manufacturing experience and protective packaging knowledge.

Gemstar Manufacturing is proud to be the first manufacturer in the United States to offer robotic rotational molding, a leading-edge technology ideal for military, OEM, industrial, and commercial applications where precision and repeatability are essential. Gemstar’s exclusive Robomold® Technology creates high tolerances with precision-distributed heat and material control for consistent plastic part repeatability and optimized strength-to-weight ratios. This technology allows for unsurpassed design flexibility, including the ability to layer different compounds and coatings into finished parts where conventional rotational molding cannot satisfactorily meet evolving design requirements.

Gemstar created an improved, quality-focused plastic part with Robomold Technology for a groundskeeping equipment manufacturer. The specific part met the customer’s core requirements and resolved the overarching challenge of production and increased demand. Kevin Paulson, Gemstar Manufacturing Director of Product, emphasized that “the current product the customer was using presented challenges in design. Coupled with high demand and environmental certification, the customer was struggling to maintain acceptable production rates. Our Robomold Technology allows us to optimize the design and consistently run high-quality parts.” The customer came to Gemstar with product-specific challenges that needed groundbreaking tools to create a dependable plastic part that meets EPA requirements. The customer presented two challenges that ultimately impacted production supply during increased demand among end users.

In-house tooling for project.

The first challenge was meeting the EPA’s requirements. Government certification required anti-spill and anti-leak features in gas tanks. The customer needed a funnel in the filler spout to prevent fuel over-fill, cascading into the second challenge, part production. This part was nearly impossible to mold with conventional rotational molding due to the funnel’s unique geometry inside the gas tank. Prior funnel features lacked consistent production quality that did not align with the customer’s quality standards. Gemstar’s Product and Engineering Team worked closely with the customer to analyze the challenges and created a high-quality part that meets EPA regulations.

Gemstar Manufacturing produces and maintains tools for Robomold Technology internally at their Cannon Falls, Minnesota facility, which allows for nimble adjustments during the design process. The Gemstar team engineered and built a specialty tool for this project in-house from start to finish. The tool allows their Robomold robots to apply controlled and focused heat to specific areas on the funnel feature. This tool provides consistent wall thickness and geometry control as the funnel feature is near the cap thread on the gas tank. This funnel feature breaks traditional rotational molding capabilities as the standard manufacturing process forms hollow parts – part of the funnel is inside the tank. This part was manufactured with a newly engineered industry resin, as Nylon 6 materials lacked cosmetic appeal compared to the rest of the tank.

Controlled heat focus allowed for unique geometric forming not possible with conventional rotational molding
Heat flow could be focused on the appropriate area for improved material dispersion to create improved threading.
Direct heat flow also allowed for a change in wall thickness

Vice President of Sales, Mark Hedin, explains, “This project is an excellent example of how our proprietary Robomold Technology paired with our engineering-based design solutions put Gemstar in a unique position to solve the customer’s product challenges. Additionally, our in-house testing capabilities allowed our team to make quick and responsive adjustments during the design process. We are already working with the customer on additional improvements to this part and look forward to expanding our partnership as we grow into the future.”

By using Robomold Technology, Gemstar created independent heating zones that focus the heat on the appropriate areas for optimal part quality. This process produces quality, custom parts that meet EPA regulations and decreased cycle time by 27% over conventional rotational molding.

New industry requirements will cause challenges with rotational molding, shifting suppliers to look for innovative manufacturing and design capabilities. Learn more about how Gemstar Manufacturing tests the limits of plastic manufacturing and exceeds the expectations of customers by exploring this website.

About Gemstar

Gemstar Manufacturing is an engineering-based solutions provider with more than 55 years of manufacturing experience and knowledge. The company is a family-owned business supported internally by long-term employees. The firm’s history is rooted in custom manufacturing, and the dedication of a customer-centric organization. Gemstar’s mission is “to test the limits of plastic manufacturing and exceed the expectations of customers” which is shown through their dedication to provide value add solutions to customers through innovative design and technology. Design. Test. Build.