A Case to Save a Life

Mobilize Rapid Response Case Kit


Custom Case Need: A case to house an interactive emergency response kit to be used by bystanders before medical professionals arrive.  The case needed to be lightweight, compact, and easy to open.  Interactive tablet technology was to be housed in the case lid, and all the life-saving equipment needed to be arranged in a color-coordinated layout to match digital instructions and be easily accessed.

Case solution: Gemstar was up for the challenge of building a case for this critical life-saving support. The Sentinel 1116-6 case fit the bill for the smallest footprint possible in which to house all the necessary equipment. Lightweight and extremely durable, with secure, easy-to-open latches, it was also the best fit for handling during emergency situations.  In close collaboration with the Mobilize design team, Gemstar built a plastic panel feature to snap into the case lid and hold the tablet and charging technology. Foam materials were selected to meet the necessary color scheme and tight layout.

The custom Sentinel 1116-6 case delivered the perfect housing for this critical mission. Jason Gotham, President of Mobilize Rescue Systems, explains “Gemstar’s knowledgeable and responsive staff worked with us to develop a customized solution. From concept to delivery, working with Gemstar has been a great experience.”