Deployable Diagnostic Case for Remote Medical Services

AMD Global Telemedicine Portable TeleClinicTM


Custom Case Need: A custom case to house a transportable telemedicine system for remote medical situations and mobile clinics for AMD Global Telemedicine. The case needed to seamlessly integrate with the electronics and medical diagnostic equipment it housed and protected.

Case solution: As small a footprint as possible was necessary for the type of environment in which the case would be used – oil rigs, mobile health clinics, disaster response sites, to name a few. The Sentinel 1318-6 case was the exact size needed, just large enough to house everything while still remaining compact, a feat accomplished through creative product layout and storage inside the case. Custom designed thermoformed and routed panels were mounted into the case lid and bottom for containing and mounting the electronics. Extra storage for medical devices was created in a hinged, padded compartment beneath the table keyboard, and USB and PC ports were added to access compartment on side of the case.   After all the functional aspects were covered, Gemstar and AMD collaborated to enhance the visual elements of the case, which included molding the case in blue, painting the access and mounting panels silver, adding silver accents to the latch actuator, and adding a branded logo plate to the case lid.

The Portable TeleClinicTM is a fully realized, custom case solution that fulfilled all the functional and cosmetic requirements needed. Keri Dostie, Director of Marketing, shared her thoughts on the final product: “We are so excited at how great it looks. The team we worked with at Gemstar did a great job at helping us customize the case to be unique for AMD’s specific form-fit-function needs.”