Designed, Built, Tested Cases for Military Vehicle Repair Parts

General Dynamics Repair Cases


Custom Case Need: Set of 3 durable, rugged cases to house a kit for General Dynamics Land Systems vehicle repair program. The parts needed to be secured in the case individually to prevent damage during severe handling, and the part layout also needed to employ visual management

practices to support rapid inventory assessment in the field. General Dynamics supplied all the parts – it was up to Gemstar to design a solution to meet all their needs, as well as formally test the solution per industry standards to validate.

Case solution: Because these cases would be subject to rough handling in deployment, our engineers proposed our most rugged case platform, Stronghold.  This case style would have no problem passing the packaging testing required, and, more importantly, offered the best case for rugged military use. We designed into 3 different case sizes to provide the best protection in the smallest footprint possible to house the parts.  A 2-color foam solution, black top layer over blue lower layers exposed in part cavities, and removable trays with labeling for placement fulfilled the protection and inventory needs of part containment.

As expected, all 3 case designs passed drop and vibration testing in accordance with ASTM D4169, and the 2-color foam solution and part layout were the ideal solution for providing easy access to remove and return parts, plus a quick way to check if any parts went missing during the repair mission.